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 - C.L. Sulzberger Of Arc In A Sari is no heavy...
C.L. Sulzberger Of Arc In A Sari is no heavy set ftrl ia medieval armor but a delicately delicately featured," fine-boned fine-boned fine-boned woman who. when she talked with me. was wearing a green . sari set off by a dashing' yellow sash. Yet there was no mistaking the iron deter mination hidden beneath her KASHMIR. INDIA - The Nehru family of Kashmiri Brahmins has already furnished furnished India with two prime ministers and it is no accident that the second. Mrs. Indira Gandhi, should have adopted as her special hero Joart of Arc. about whom the first. awanarioi tiaki . . - - " i velvet complexion. i J y when he , was ; a political . . PISf!nifh;- PISf!nifh;- Ulthoughvirtuallyaliofour T 6 .i"d o! 0r,cans- 0r,cans- 50 , talk was on a background from the distinguished des- des- deciding factor in t her 23152'?-?!? 23152'?-?!? 23152'?-?!? y "-PWwcliiopoIicy "-PWwcliiopoIicy "-PWwcliiopoIicy h ; what she tain vale, had as her goal the the of the ,n. expulsion of: England from dians wh as she niltc lt her country. This was the comorise a lar. chunk nf th primordial objective of Mrs Gandhi's father. But. in addition, addition, the French warrior-saint warrior-saint warrior-saint had a will power, that the present chief of the world's largest democratic - government government seeks to emulate. , "I admire her,"said the prime minister in a recent world. That word "interest" intrudes time and again in i her discussion of both internal internal and external affairs. ' She seems pleased that there is an evident detente in ' relationships with the United States. She insists India will never .be beholden to the mood has soured; the Simv Pakistani alliance was wormwood. wormwood. Things . have not improved, apparently, but Mrs. Gandhi feels it is in all Asia's interest tot have a strong India, not in terms of . military power but stability: . This stability is not always assured. Last year's harvest1 was bad. A shortage of rains dried up reservoirs and wells, , making a - shortage ,-in ,-in ,-in ' drinking water. There has " been a partial but only : partial recovery in grain , production. . ..'.,.,?. The dearth is exacerbated " INDIRA GANDHI . modern Joan-. Joan-. Joan-. bv the fact that the Indian ' i." people are more politically s policy of moving steadily into conversation, -tor -tor seeing tne, Soviet Union or anv other necessity to do isomething poWen jndeed she gave me regardless of whether it was permission to quote her appreciated or. not. And. as scouting printed rumors that for how it was appreciated," Moscow might receive naval : you know, her end. But she facilities on the Indian Ocean., knew she was n$ht and she We . deny this pursued her goal all out, even" categorically," she said.'we when no one wasfmth her at have no intention of giving : the start. Unless one tackles any facilities or bases to any ': problems with 'that deter- deter- country." minatjon, regardless of Even with China, she in-sacnfice, in-sacnfice, in-sacnfice, nothing caij 6 be dicates. New Delhi would like done,"; 'ihrl better atmosphere Peking''' The resembUnce between . was once regarded as a great the two is limijed to indomi- indomi- friend, but ever since the table resolution) Mrs. Gandhi Chinese took over Tibet the conscious and have come to expect more. Violence and indiscipline can be noted in various regions. : . ' Mrs! Gandhi, having led her country to its. greatest military military V1 victory -in -in the. Bangladesh war with Pakistan, Pakistan, is now trying to firm up the internal economic posi- posi- -tion. -tion. . Nevertheless,- Nevertheless,- she affirms affirms no undemocratic measures are contemplated. When asked if there is truth in reports ' she might nationalize nationalize India's free press, she answers categorically: "Never. On the contrary, we have no intention at all of doing doing this.'; v i;jr -e -e & -v -v Externally, the quintessen- quintessen- ' tial questions are malalignment malalignment and Pakistan. Despite a brilliantly successful Soviet India's' diplomatic - and economic outlook. New Delhi insists it will not permit its ' gratitude for political backing or industrial help to becloud its vision of independent Indian Indian interests. - . v ; . ' : r t ' t - . s "' '''' "- "- T-t'-: T-t'-: T-t'-: T-t'-: T-t'-: .As for Pakistan, India" is often accused of conspiring to destroy that country, already desperately weakened by the loss of its eastern wing and simmering with autonomous movements; vc.'But ' r: Mrs. Gandhi, seeing how its disap--pearance disap--pearance disap--pearance disap--pearance .;".. would suck dangerous elements into the resulting vacuum; insists that-the that-the that-the end of Pakistan would menace not only India but Asian peace. Time alone will judge the veracity or accuracy accuracy of this view.

Clipped from
  1. News-Press,
  2. 19 Apr 1973, Thu,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 7

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