Moss Trial 1 04/16/1985

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Moss Trial 1 04/16/1985 - vidence will show deputy drop, p By BARBARA...
vidence will show deputy drop, p By BARBARA JOHNSON News-Press News-Press News-Press Staff Writer TAMPA A federal prosecutor says he will present evidence this week that a high-ranking high-ranking high-ranking Lee County sheriff's deputy was at the scene of a marijuana drop in 1981 in the rural Corkscrew area southeast of Fort Myers. Assistant U.S. Attorney Warren Zimmerman made the statement Monday morning at the opening of the perjury and obstruction of justice trial of Debra Moss, wife of former special deputy Danny Moss. Zimmerman didn't name the high-ranking high-ranking high-ranking deputy in court and wouldn't comment during a recess in the trial. But federal investigators have been trying for more than two years to link Danny Moss and Col. David Wilson, Lee County's chief deputy, to the smuggling operation in Corkscrew. Corkscrew. The News-Press News-Press News-Press reported last year that federal agents have at least one witness who places Wilson at the scene. Wilson has denied being there. ; ; In a preview of the defense case, lawyer William Blackwell of Naples told the jury that one month after the 1981 smuggling Incident, Debra Moss was diagnosed as having encephalitis, encephalitis, which he described as a brain disease that can cause amnesia. : Blackwell said he hopes to have a Naples neurologist fly to Tampa to testify about her mental state. Moss, who lives in Corkscrew, is accused of lying to a federal grand jury which investigated the 1981 drug smuggling incident and to a federal trial jury which convicted four of her friends and neighbors. at site of drug rosecutor says Federal investigators have been trying for more than two years to link Danny Moss and Col. David Wilson, Lee County's chief deputy, to the smuggling operation in Corkscrew. The charges center on her testimony testimony about a 13-minute 13-minute 13-minute telephone call to the Lee County Sheriff's Department Department logged on the Moss' telephone telephone toll records at 9:08 p.m. on July 9, 1981. That's the night a plane loaded with 800 pounds of marijuana landed on a grassy airstrip off Corkscrew Road near her home. Moss told the federal juries that she made the telephone call from her home to alert deputies to suspicious suspicious planes and activity in the area. With her while she made the call, Moss also told the federal juries, was her friend, Joy Carter. Carter and her husband, former FBI agent J.R. "Buddy" Carter, were among the four convicted of smuggling in the case. Zimmerman said he will present evidence that the 13-minute 13-minute 13-minute telephone telephone call was not made at Moss' home at all. Zimmerman said there was an extension of the Moss' phone several miles away in the Corkscrew Country Store on the edge of the airstrip. Zimmerman said the call was placed from the store by the high-ranking high-ranking high-ranking deputy. He didn't elaborate further on the call. When the trial adjourned for the day, neither Debra nor Danny Moss would comment on the prosecutor's allegations. Blackwell said this was the first he heard of allegations that the call in question was made by a sheriffs deputy. "I don't know. I'm as surprised as you," Blackwell said. Testimony in the case began at 2:30 p.m. after 12 jurors and two alternates, none from Fort Myers or Naples, were selected. Two pilots from U.S. Customs, who followed the marijuana-laden marijuana-laden marijuana-laden plane to the airstrip, testified the plane landed at about 8:30 p.m. Both said they watched from the sky as a car parked at the landing strip then drove to the Moss home, stayed for several minutes and drove off. One pilot said he followed the car for about five minutes until he saw it stopped at a police roadblock, which by that time was in place on Corkscrew Corkscrew Road. Collier County deputy Larry Day said he stopped two vehicles at the roadblock: a car driven by Joy Carter and a four-wheel four-wheel four-wheel drive vehicle driven driven by Charles Connolly, who also lives in Corkscrew. Day said the radio dispatch log at the Collier sheriffs department shows he set up the roadblock at 9:08 p.m. the exact moment Moss testified testified she and Joy Carter were placing the 13-minute 13-minute 13-minute telephone call. However, However, Day said Joy Carter was at the roadblock at about 9:09 p.m. Blackwell, who described the See EVIDENCE, page 2B

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  2. 16 Apr 1985, Tue,
  3. Main Edition,
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